Relaxation Massage

Revitalise with a massage tailored to your specific needs. Our dedicated therapists will help you destress, release muscle tension and rebalance

Suitable additions: Hair Treatment Mask, Great done with a friend, Aromatherapy Oil Blend

90 minutes


60 minutes


45 minutes


30 minutes


Hot Stone Mineralised Massage

Calm the mind and clear built up tension and stress. This ritual combines a customised hot stone massage combining aromatherapy oils and a mineral enriched massage cream

Suitable additions: Facial, Hair Treatment Mask

90 minutes


60 minutes


Scalp and Facial Massage

Improve your well-being and feel more balanced. Can help relieve sinus congestion and facial stress

Suitable additions: Hair Treatment Mask, Vitaminic Massage Emulsion, Aromatherapy Oil Blend

30 minutes