Anti-aging Plasmedic Treatments Ballarat

How does the Plasmedic treatment work?

The Plasmedic device creates a voltage difference between the device and skin resulting in a small millimeter size carbon spot where the excess skin has been evaporated. Using our reduction grid method and the formation of new Collagen and Elastin the skin becomes tighter, lifted and wrinkles smoothed out and reduced.

Advantages of Plasma Skin Tightening

  • No cutting of skin
  • No stitches required
  • Very low risk procedure (minimal side effects and less down time than surgery)
  • Quick and easy
  • No local anaesthetic
  • Significant cost saving

Does the treatment hurt?

We use a topical numbing cream to help minimise any pain or discomfort as much as possible. Overall our clients tell us the treatment is not that painful. Usually, the eye or neck area is the most sensitive.

How long will it take to see results?

Results can usually be seen immediately. Results are more noticeable once the scabs have fallen off after day 7 and continue to improve for 2 – 3 months. Results are expected to last 2 – 5 years depending on the client.

Are there any after effects?

We always check all contraindications to see if there is any reason you would have an undesired result. Immediately after the procedure, the treated area will be quite red and mildly swollen. This can last from 1 – 3 days. The small carbon dots will dry to become small crusts. These crusts must not be picked or scratched off as this will cause scarring.

What areas can we treat?

  • Upper eyelid, under eyes, crows feet
  • Forehead, frown lines, brow lift
  • Nasolabial folds, top lip, bottom lip, marionette lines
  • Chin, jowls, cheeks
  • Turkey neck and full neck

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