Elysium Jade Roller Spa Facial

The Must Have Recharge Facial.
Designed to assist with destressing tension build-up. The Jade rollers aim to promote circulation, combat puffiness and water retention through facial massage. Suited for all Skin Types & recommended for those looking to de-stress.

45 minutes

Replenishing Spa Facial

Replenishing Facial Harness the balancing power of plant energies to replenish and leave your skin renewed and refreshed. A great Spa Facial that includes a Facial & Scalp Massage. Fantastic for sensitive, combination and dry skin types.

Express 30 mins

60 mins



Collagen Boosting Spa Facial

A facial that addresses specific skin concerns, incorporating a high-quality Peel Off Mask and plant-based setting mask to enhance your skin texture and tone. Recommended for pigmented, aging or dehydrated skin.

60 mins


Advanced Facials

Our advanced facials take place at MedSpa, our sister studio in Ballarat. Click on the treatment below to find out more.